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Planning Process

1.      Learn

In our initial meeting, we will get to know each other, discuss your specific needs and talk about what you want your portfolio to do for you.   We will perform a risk analysis to determine both your personal risk tolerance and      the current risk profile of your existing portfolio.

2.      Strategize

Once we know what your objectives and what your risk tolerance is, we can put together a comprehensive proposal to match your needs.  We will go over the methodology used and the rationale for making the recommendations

3.      Implement

Once we decide on a strategy we will formalize our relationship and put the portfolio to work

4.      Monitor and Modify.

We will monitor the accounts and make changes as needed.   We will also schedule periodic conference calls to review the portfolio with you and ensure that the strategy we outlined still meets your needs. This way, we can evaluate your stated goals and objectives to keep abreast of any changes in your personal situation